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About NTNU School of Entrepreneurship

“This have to be one of the most exciting places in the country.”

Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Modernisation

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) is a two-year master's degree program offered by the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, with a focus on business development and technology-based entrepreneurship.

NSE´s vision is to educate the best business developers in the world, and the purpose is twofold:

  • To provide a state-of-the-art educational program to students seeking a career within entrepreneurship and commercialization of technology.
  • To contribute to the commercialization of ideas from the technology community at NTNU and other innovation communities.

We have adopted an unofficial slogan, “Not because it´s easy”. The NSE culture and environment is designed to challenge our students by providing new experiences that take them outside their comfort zone. NSE students do not seek the easy way out, but rather want to push their limits to higher levels of performance.

NSE offers students a strong infrastructure and range of resources enabling them to successfully launch their businesses. All students have their workspace in our incubator at NTNU and all projects are supported by a dedicated mentor with senior management or entrepreneurial experience. In addition, projects take advantage of contacts and relationships through NSE´s extensive network. Through our strategic location at NTNU, students have access to pre-seed funding and prototype facilities in NTNU workshops and laboratories.

The majority of the projects do succeed, with 50 % of the graduates working at their own startup after graduation.

The program is highly competitive and selective, and NSE receives hundreds of applicants every year. Annually, approximately 35 students are accepted based on an overall evaluation of academic results, motivation and work experience.